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Complete range for your test: Fuelstat, Echa and Emcee Electronics products.

Alumicel Six Pack PN 840-99-5944  EMCEE


Jet Fuel Test Kit

FUELSTAT is a test for microbial contamination in diesel and jet fuels.

FUELSTAT test kits are each packaged in sealed foil pouches (HR-2-011) and usually supplied boxed in packs of 8 kits for convenience, although can be supplied as individual foil pouch test kits if required.

Also available FMD8 Diesel Fuels in individual test kits (MD-011) or box of 8 test kits.


Aviation, Automotive,
Power & Marine Fuel

MICROBMONITOR2 provides a reliable, fully-quantitative assessment of microbiological contamination in fuels, oils and associated waters, in accordance with ASTM D7978 and IP613. This easy-to-use test kit can be used in the field or in lab and allows users to detect microbial growth before it becomes a problem.

Each box has 5 test kits.

EMCEE 840-99-5944

Jet Fuel Test Kit

EMCEE Model 1140 Micro-Separometer   Test Kit contains vacuum packed expendables that are used to perform a single test. Each coalescer/filter is labeled to identify the type of fuel and the applicable ASTM method to be used. A container of distilled water is also included in each Six Pack to perform water separation tests.

Each box contains six test kits.

Also available: 

  • 840-99-5948 Diesel ASTM D761

  • 840-99-5946 M-CELL Test Method: M-Cell - ASTM D7224.

Fuel Test: Produtos
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