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Hardfacing Electrodes & Welding Wire | ESAB

ESAB OK 86.28 4.0 x 450mm 15Kg Carton

ESAB OK 86.08 5.0 x 450mm 16.5Kg Carton

ESAB OK AUTROD 16.95 1mm Sub Arc Wire 15Kg Reel

OK 14MnNi (formerly OK 86.28) is a high-recovery, austenitic-manganese steel electrode containing nickel. It produces a crack-resistant weld metal, which work hardens under compressive stresses.

OK 13Mn (formerly OK 86.08) deposits an austenitic-manganese steel alloy which work-hardens under impact and compressive stresses. The electrode is primarily used for surfacing and building up manganese steel components.

OK Autrod 16.95 has a general corrosion resistance similar to that of the corresponding parent metal. The higher silicon content improves the welding properties, such as wetting. The alloy is used in a wide range of applications across the industry such as the joining of austenitic, manganese, and work hardenable steels as well as armour plate and heat-resistant steels.


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