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UTP covered electrodes | Voestalpine

UTP BMC 4,0 x 450 mm (5/32 x 18") 12.3LB (5.6 kg)

UTP 7200 5,0 x 450 mm (3/16 x 18”) 11LB (5 kg)

UTP Maintenance offers a complete range of coated electrodes for anti-wear coating applications.

UTP BMC is suitable for claddings on parts subject to highest pressure and shock in combination with abrasion. It has a fully austenitic structure and increases resistance to friction and corrosion.

UTP 7200 is mainly suitable for crack-resistant joints and coatings on steel parts with a high Mn content, subjected to impacts, compressions and extreme shocks. The main areas of application are the construction sector, quarries and mines for coating worn parts made of steel with a high Mn content.

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